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Hi from Cowra

Hello all, I am planting my bare paddock with bird friendly trees, shrubs and ground covers to try and encourage the birds to come. We see plenty of the large birds, galahs, cockatoos, magpies, ravens etc but very few of the smaller ones as yet. I think we have a jackie winter here at the moment.

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Welcome Shaunlee!

We have a Cowra bird survey happening at the moment. I would love it if you would submit some surveys :)


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I'm just down the road from Cowra, in Young.

I've found the Cowra survey form helpful with my own observations, It helps to narrow down the species that I'm likely to see.

I've been here for just over two years and in that time I've recorded 25 different species that I've seen in and above my garden.

I almost added another on the weekend, but couldn't identify the bird. The closest I could find in my field guides was a female pied honeyeater - but we're outside of its range.

If I had my camera at the time a photo would have helped - but I had to rely on memory.

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