Hi from Fennell Bay NSW

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Hi from Fennell Bay NSW

Greetings to all. I've been a regular visitor to BIB for a while now, mostly to use the excellent Bird Finder or to download mp3s of birdcalls, and I figured it was about time I signed up for the forums.

I really caught the birdwatching bug after we moved to Oz from the UK a year and a half ago, and I just love the variety of birds you encounter here. We live in Fennell Bay, on the west side of Lake Macquarie.

Let's see if I can get the hang of uploading photos...

The hardware was my trusty Canon Powershot A620, which does me proud most of the time. When I can afford it I'll get myself a DSLR one day!

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G'day Mike. Great pic :)

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Hi Mike,

great Kookaburra pic. I have cousins that live on Coal Point, near Toronto. So not too far from you.
Have you seen any Swift Parrots around your area lately? I am visiting my cousins on Sunday and would like to have a look for them.


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Sorry Max, I've never seen a Swift Parrot around here. I've never (knowingly) seen one at all, to be honest! The distribution maps at birdata.com.au suggest there have been scattered sightings in this area, though, including near Toronto. In fact, it could even have been at Coal Point!

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