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Hi from Holland


My name is Ursula and i live in The Netherlands (no not even close to Amsterdam).

We have been to Australia on holiday for 4 tmes now, and made plenty of bird pictures. I bought the book of the Slater family, and now I am trying to get the names with the pictures. Not easy, but I am getting there. I am planning to make a picture book of our bird pictures and where we took the picture.

Good place to see birds is Pemberton. We saw the Yellow Whister, 28 birds, lots of lovely wrens and bird of pray. But then again, when in the city (Perth) we saw Galahs, Magpies and more. I miss all the birds when i am back home. You dont know how fortunate you guys in Australia are for having so much spicies.

When i have all the pictures sorted out i'll put some now ones op this forum somewhere.


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G'day Ursula, welcome to the forum.
Good to hear you had a great time here, and saw lots of birds. I'ld love to see some of your pic's when you post them up. Have a look at [link=http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/forum/messages.cfm?threadid=D0875796-B5B... thread[/link] if you are having issues with posting pictures.

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