Hi I am from Sydney

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Hi I am from Sydney

Hi everyone, I am an amateur nature photographer from urban Sydney. Originally I plan to post this at New Year Day, but I am experiencing some technical difficulties from the forum site that prevent my account from putting new post on here. So, here I am. You might see me on the "Best photo" section there.

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hi man,
looking forward to seeing some of your photos..

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Hi Steve,
I noticed that the forum got some bugs in it. That it sometimes become problems. Well, at least in my own computer. Sometimes the picture which I posted can't display properly. So, did you know is it an isolated problem or not? Also, I posted some pictures on the "Best photo" section. Looking forward to hear from you!


Alexander Choi

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Hi Alexander.
The "system" works differently from most html based systems.
Once you learn to use the square brackets, etc it does work.
There are two series of posts which might help you.
Go to the forum.
Then the "General"
Then go to the 4th page of discussion. (click on the little numbers at the top Page 4)
Gelmir put up a very comprehensive tutorial on how to post images using Photobucket - dated 21.3.08.http://birdsinbackyards.net/forum/messages.cfm?threadid=D0875796-B5B8-9101-D3BB0F54D87061F6
Also in the same Forum/General page, you will find a link to another discussion on "How to include a picture in your message" using various photo hosting sites. It was started by "NoisyMajor" on 14.12.07


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