Hi from Lockyer Valley, Queensland

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Hi from Lockyer Valley, Queensland

Hello all! I just discovered this site while doing a search on the Channel-billed Cuckoo that's been flying about our backyard and surrounds, along with its adoptive mother an Australian Raven.

I filled in the survey for it.

We have a wide range of birds that live on or pass through our property, so it's never a dull moment around here. We moved here from Brisbane about two years ago, and WOW! what an eye-opener that was and continues to be. The bird species variety is enormous here compared to the city ( not surprisingly). As a result my partner and I have found ourselves to be birdwatchers.

Every year our backyard plays host to a pair of Tawny Frogmouths. We observe them nesting and raising their young. It's just magic.

By the way, is there a way of identifying the sex of young frogmouth's? ( I have to figure out how to post photos on this forum...)

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Hi Danny

Posting photos is a constant worry for new members
Check these links below for excellent advice.

The "system" works differently from most html based systems.
Once you learn to use the square brackets, etc it does work.
There are two
series of posts which might help you.
Go to the forum.
Then the "General"
Then go to the 4th page of discussion. (click on the little numbers at the top
Page 4)
Gelmir put up a very comprehensive tutorial on how to post images
using Photobucket - dated
Also in the same Forum/General page, you will
find a link to another discussion on "How to include a picture in your
message" using various photo hosting sites. It was started by "NoisyMajor" on

Hope this helps you get started.

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Thank you, Denis. Much appreciated!

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