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Hi from Mid Nth Coast

tried this a cpl days ago, and when I clicked to send I got the 'cannot show page' and don't know where my intro went so.... I'll try again now.
Have been a keen amateur birdie for a few years now. Don't go out seeking them but keep records of what comes into our garden and never without the (old and scruffy) Simpson & Day field guide and binoculars beside me.
In previous house had a Satin Bowerbird's bower. Also for one season had regular visits from a Spiny Cheeked Honey Eater - he was out of territory. And also helped raise a Figbird fledgling that had fallen out of it's nest.
Current house,same town - currently watching the antics of male & female Koels and female Satin Bower birds, bouncing on the net over our fig tree to get at the last of the figs.
Friend next door has bower (Satin) in his back yard.


Gidday Deva,welcome to the site.

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Welcome Deva, looking forward to seeing your posts..

Cheers Raoul

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