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Hi from North Brisbane

Hi all,

My names is Andrew and i'm from the northside of brisbane. Whilst looking up bird feeders on the net I came across this site.

Having just planted out my front yard with flowering natives i'm hopeing to lure in some of the birds that have been by-passing my house. So far I get the occasional rainbow( i used to get a hundred or so 3 metres from my bedroom window but had to knock down the figs they were in) but mostly honeyeaters,magpies and pigeons. Out here it is fairly green lot's of natives planted through out narangba by the developers in some of the estates so there's a fair few birds around. Hopefully I can get some of the kookaburra's down and maybe some of the gallahs as well. I'll get some photos up of my garden soon and some of the birds i've photographed as well.

Anyone else on the northside of brissie?

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Hi Andrew,

I'm Andrea, and I live in Paddington, and inner-city Brisbane suburb. I often visit a friend in Caboolture (a bit north of Narangba) and I love seeing the birds there - they're different from those I see in inner Brisbane. The swampy areas are great for Eurasian Coots and Purple Swamphens. Also, the bushy areas are really good for Rufous Whistlers and Grey Fantails.

I'm always on the lookout for pigeons other than Crested Pigeons (and other than Spotted Turtle Doves). What kind of pigeons do you see around your area?

It'd be great if you could keep me up to date with any interesting sightings.


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Hey Andy,

I missed your post sorry. I'm only new to actually trying to identify the birds i'm trying to attract.

So far i've seen wattle bird's, Blue eyed honeyeater, is the such a thing as a red eyed honeyeater as I seen one while walking and had the same colouration as the blue just with red eye's, kookaburra's, willie wagtails, magpie, pee wit, rainbow's, gallah's, egret's, plovers, crows and what's the proper name for a storm bird?

Nothing out of the ordinary once my garden grows up a bit more I might get a few more different varities in I've seen other smaller birds darting around but not in my yard yet.

The pond down the road has quite a few purple swamp hens and other's that I don't know. It also someones dumped guinea pigs which had baby's and made a family of 5, I have'nt seen them lately they'd have to dodge the snakes, the school kids who try to hit them with sticks, the recent heavy rains flood the pond and the council slashed all the grass they were living in and I hope they didn't do it because someone told them about the pig's living there :(

Oh and driving to work I seen what i'm pretty sure where 2 black cockatoo's.

If I see anything really good i'll let you know. There was a few hundred acres of bush just down the road but it was cleared a year or so ago so that would have shifted a few birds away :(


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G'day, Andy and Sarg. I'm also from suburban north Brisbane, somewhere between the two of you. Sarg, the bird with the red around its eye is probably a male fig bird, not a honeyeater.


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