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Hi from Perth

Hi, I live in Perth now, but grew up in the Southwest. My dad just about taught me everything thing I know about birds. The rest I learnt out of my faithful "What Bird Is That" book by Neville Cayley. I also have a book by Michael Morcombe, with whom my father used to roam the banks of the Swan River with searching for birds eggs back in their Guildford Grammar days.
I love all birds and love sharing my knowledge about them to who ever is interested. A neighbour of mine used to be completely unaware of most of the birds in our area, until I started to point them all out to her, now she is and avid bird watcher!
Anyway, thats enough for now, better go and do some gardening, bye.

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Hi again

Interesting that you mention Michael Morcombe. I was lucky enough to get to know him when I worked for canon in Perth years ago and he was the photographer we used to test drive the new Eos camera when it first came out. I have an amazing set of slides somehwere that were Michaels and somehow I ended up with them, they are so beautiful and some really funny sequences of him and his partner wading in the wetlands and being chased by the black swans. I have his beautiful book The Great Australian Birdfinder, which he illustrated aswell. He has a wonderful talent.
Like you I am enjoying telling others what i am learning about the local birdlife, and most people are quite interested but haven't given it a lot of thought before.

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