Hi from South Australia

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Hi from South Australia

Hello, I'm new.
Please be kind.
I am a bush carer in the local Conservation Park and have a bush garden at home. I have had mistletoe birds, Grey Shrike-thrush, and Crested Shrike-tits visit my garden. The red callistemon is in full flower causing a stir for the New Hollands and Wattle birds at the moment. I have been watching the sparrows feeding on the bottlebrushes lately, I didn't know they did that! I thought they were seed eaters. Is that usual. The neighbour has put in chooks and since then there are clouds of sparrows out the back. I have also noticed groups of European Goldfinch lately. (In the Park) It is a new one for me.
I know a little about the local flora but now I am keen to learn more about the birds too.
I love reading all the posts.

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