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Hi from Sydney

Hello everyone

MickS here. Just found this fantastic site. Love it. We live in the southern suburbs of Sydney. We are visited by many different species of birds, so i am keen to do some survey work.

Anyway, all the best.


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Greetings Mick!

Can't wait to hear all about the birds you have visiting you.
Dont forget to submit a survey to us :)


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Greetings from the North Shore of Sydney. Living in an urban bushland environment - Dry sclerophyll forest habitat - best spotting was years back seeing a Kingfisher. Nosiest spotting; Juvenile Koels being raised every year by Currawongs; most recent spotting 6 Female Satin Bower Birds and 1 male Satin Bower Bird this morning. Yellow Tailed Cockatoos are frequenting our property in recent weeks as well.

Lots of night time bird activity on our property as well. The scariest of which was the first time I ever heard the call of a Sooty Owl - now we warn guests it is not the next door neighbour's wife screaming!

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WOW, that's some back yard your have. Can I move into your spare room?

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