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Hi from Sydney

Hi Ian here, I'm in Northern Sydney, decided to join after posting on birdline regarding the recently fledged powerful Owls I saw near where i live, and a contact from birdline suggesting that I should contact Holly regarding the 2012 survey. Have done so and thought I should join and participate in the forum as well.

Anyway birdedad and bushwalked a lot when i was very young and before kids, and have gone back to both pursuits over the last few years. My particualar interest is raptors particularly falcons. The avatar is a spinifex pigeon taken on a recent trip both touring and walking in Central Australia.

My forum name Ozmartin refers to the fabulous US made acoustic Martin Guitars(another forum and passion) which I play, not the Fairy or Tree martin or any other swallow like bird !

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Welcome Ian, I look forward to your continued participation. There are a lot of people here who share your interest in raptors. Have you managed to see any of the sea-eagle cam http://www.ustream.tv/seaeagles which has given me a little insight into the world of a BOP?

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Welcome,my main passion is birds,but i also have a passion for acoustic guitar music, my family all know not to bother me if my favorite Martin Taylor is plying

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Thanks for the welcome guys ! - yes I have seen the sea eagle cam from Homebush bay. BTW I went to the discovery centre last year to see first hand with my son and saw some great live feeds of the birds bringing fish in for the chicks.

Off to the Warrumbungles in North West NSW tomorrow to do some walking and some birding for a few days.Should be some great encounters with Wedgies on the mountain tops as usual plus some Kestels, Goshawks and maybe if I'm lucky on the plains Little eagles, also Peregrines, Hobbies etc. Also you never know might see a Black Falcon on the way up!

Will take a guitar but not my Martins something Much, much lower on the food chain - an old Yamaha.

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