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Hi from Townsville

Hi Everybody,

I was introduced to this site by a fellow photography forum member and am most impressed with what I see.

Hubby and I live on a 20 acre property and often see and hear birds we know nothing about. We have the 'Birds of Australia' book, but sometimes it's not easy to find out what bird it is if you can only hear it.

I am becomming more and more interested in birds as I see all the wonderful photos you photogs out there take of our feathered friends.

Yesterday we had a school excursion to Toomulla Beach and the Townsville Regional Bird Observers Club gave a fascinating talk to our Preps and Year 7s. I was most impressed because all the preppies were intrigued by the talk given. Well done and thanks to TRBOC!

Anyhow, to cut a long story short, I am looking forward to participating in this forum.


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Welcome Psycoco, I love a girl with passion! (haha)
So, pick up your camera, go out, find some birds, and share the fun with all of us!!!


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Welcome Psycoco. Wow, 20 ac in Townsville there should be lots of interesting bird life in that part of the world - I look forward to seeing some photos from you. I am a member of ausphotography (which I love) and while the photos there are amazing, many of those here are of similar quality and often better variety.

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