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Hi from Western Sydney


I live just north of Penrith and love birds. I do my best to photograph them in their natural habitats and the learning is perpetual. I am particularly fond of birds of prey and owls. Did I say owls? Absolutely! They rock!

My forum name is as some of you may know is of a Nankeen Kestrel. The first bird of prey I rescued as a licensed wildlife carer and should be releasing early next week as it had fledged and is ready to grow up.

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Hi Windhover and welcome to the forum. Things are a bit quiest at the moment but you should find the regulars are a friendly bunch. I think there must be heaps of people away on holidays. Keep up the good work with your rescue stuff.


Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Welcome aboard from me as well. Enjoy and don't be shy posting your photographs in the photo section.

See Yez

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Hi Windhover!
I also love owls, but have only ever seen a Southern Boobook, (and a Tawny Frogmouth and a White-throated Nightjar, if you count them), but have heard an Owlet Nightjar quite close.

I am also very interested in overseas species of owl, particularly the Scops Owls. BTW (and this isn't an owl) the Collared Falconet is adorable, and i wish i could see one!

Is it good working as a wildlife carer? I hope to do something with eradicating feral animals, or conserving wildlife.

Bye, and don't forget to have a HOOT!

don't forget to have a hoot!

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