Hi and Peregrin Falcon

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Hi and Peregrin Falcon

Hello all, this is my first posting, be kind. Just thought I'd share this. Moved into our first house a few weeks ago, in suburban Carlton, Sydney, and after about a week I was in the backyard. Saw a flock of pigeons scatter and then saw a Peregrin falcon come in low and fast and catch one on the wing about two yards over. I've seen it a few times in the area in last few years, and I've seen quite a few Peregrin falcon over the years but this was a real "David Attenborough" moment. Very special, well maybe not for the pigeon. Ade

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Oops. Peregrine Falcon , spelling is important. Also saw 2 Brown Falcons over Easter at my sisters' property near Cargo and lots of Superb Parrots. Gee life's tough. Adrian

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Welcome Ade.

I'm very jealous of your David Attenborough moment.

We have irregular sightings of a peregrine near here (in the Wolli Valley, inner west Sydney) but I've not gotten very close to it... and never seen such pigeon catching drama.

Lucky you!


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Welcome Ade. I had a similar experience at my place in Penrith. A Little Eagle swooped on a dove and then spent the next 40 minutes or so sitting in my yard, devouring it. When he had finished his lunch, all that remained was feathers.

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