Hi from soggy Brisbane

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Hi from soggy Brisbane

Hello everyone, Have just discovered the B in B website.

We are lucky enough to live on a couple of acres in the western suburbs of Brisbane. Still lots of native vegetation on the block and have planted lots of trees and now have many types of birds visiting from double barred finches to bazas. (Not sure of the spelling) Also lucky enough to have a huge old 'small leaf Moreton Bay Fig' which is like a bird hotel. Visited by noisy miners, fig birds, Chanel billed cuckoos, koels, various parrots etc.

Also now getting water birds after the frogs.

Only sad thing here are the flocks of white cockatoos being devastated by the beak and feather virus (unsure of the proper name).

Thanks for the great site.


Hi nizzam18 welcome to the forum.

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Welcome new member, sounds like a good place to live in your suburb,lots of birds I don't see in Victoria.Sad about the white Cockies up there! In my neighbourhood they have turned into a bit of a pest, they eat timber homes,because people feed them. Not the bird's fault,but now they have to pay for it, some councils are thinking of poisoning the Cockatoos.I hope you will have lots of fun on the forum!


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G'day nizam18, It sounds like you're not far from where I live. I wasn't aware the Cockies were being devastated.
What is happening to them?

Samford Valley Qld.

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Hi the birds are suffering from psittacine beak and feather disease. Comprehensive info is at the following site:


Basically it is an immune disease that results in loss of feathers, and, often in the case of cockatoos deformed beaks. The first signs I have noticed is a discolouring of the feathers, then a loss of crest and feathers, and worse, deformation of their beak. They may starve or die from a secondary disease. Apparently adult birds survive better.

It is a horrible disease and I don't think there is any treatment.

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