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Hi there

Pleased to meet you all. I'm Greg, from Melbourne. I'm a keen bird photographer, although still learning.

Mostly I take photos around Melbourne and the Northern Mallee, with the occasional trip further afield.

I was introduced to birding by my father-in-law, who encountered an amazing variety of species on his family farm and got quite enthusiastic about it. Since then I've photographed birds on three continents, and am always hoping to get that special shot.

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Hi,and welcome i have seen your original post and look forward to seeing more.
what part of the Mallee do you visit,i spend a bit of time in the mallee -wimmera area myself.

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Hi sparrow.

I mainly visit the Northern Mallee, in the Swan Hill area. One of my favourite bird walks is in the Nyah State Forest. Sadly the drought has had a huge impact there - I used to see all sorts of water birds, but not any more. The ibis seem to be coming back though, so here's hoping.

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Welcome Greg. Enjoy BIBY! :)

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