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Intro Lyle & Robyn

Hi all, we've been birdwatchers (of sorts) all our lives, and now on our block at Tamborine since 2000. We record all sightings in the 'bible': Simpson and Day. Rarest bird sighted on our block was probably a Regent Honeyeater on two consequetive days. Currently trying to id a birdcall which Robyn heard last night. Not easy! I keep trying to get her to do the call - but she's not falling for that!!

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Welcome Lyle and Robyn, I Iike your sense of humour Lyle - my partner is always trying to get me to do similar things! I'm looking forward to see photos if you have any. Best regards .. Alison

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My partner also tries tricking me into such things! Welcome and look forward to hearing of your sightings and some photos.

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