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Hi there,
Jenny here in sunny central Queensland. I'm very much an amateur bird-watcher and photographer. I'm looking forward to sharing info and photos with others from all over the country.
See you on the forum.

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Hi Jenny,

I'm Marj, now living in Newcastle (Spent a bit of time between Rocky and Clermont in my youth).

I got into birds through photography. Look forward to sharing sightings and images with you all.

I've been reading Sean Dooley's The Big Twitch where he describes setting a new Australian record for the most species seen in a year. I'm definitely not a Twitcher. But I do enjoy seeing a new or rare bird for the area, or seeing the first of migrating species.

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Welcome Jenny, glad to see you made it!

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Thanks for the welcome Holly & Marj,
I'm in Comet, so Marj you will probably know where that is. My hubby's family is from Newcastle, but haven't been there for years.

Jenny - a bird in the hand is worth ... releasing.

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