Just moved to Brisbane!

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Just moved to Brisbane!

Hi Bird Lovers,
We have just moved to Brisbane,(from Overseas)the house we are moving into is in the Country,a Town called Lowood, we are cleaning out the old exsisting house so we can move in, I noticed a very pretty bird and found what it was here on this website, they are fairy wrens, I was wondering if anyone can help me with what type of seed they like as I would like to put up feeders, and any other plants/trees we could plant to attract birds that would live in that area.
Thank You
Auntie Em

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Hi Aunty Em
Welcome to Oz.
If I may jump in early and suggest that you generally will do better to improve the habitat - planting shrubs the birds like, rather than put up a feeder.
Your Fairy Wrens are insectivorous. They have to find their own food within a healthy environment.
The risk with putting out seed is you will attract far more feral birds - sparrows, Common Mynas and Starlings especially. The latter two species are introduced and very aggressive birds, and will out-compete the other birds.
Even parrots which will come to seed can also dominate - no matter how pretty they look in photos on this forum.
Best wishes.


Hey Denis,
Thank You so much for your response, and speedy reply, I really appreciate it. We plan to plant alot around the place and will make sure we plant to accomodate our little friends. I no doubt will be back with more questions.
Thank you so much again.
Auntie Em.

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