Lots of bird sounds

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Lots of bird sounds

Hello Everyone

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Stephan Schutze and I have been a sound designer and sound rerecordist for over ten years.

In the last year I have launched the first Australian commercially produced sound library since the 1950s. The library is a purchasable product, but it is also a completely free resource within Australia covered under a creative commons license. This was created through a desire to create a resource to support education as well as amateur and enthusiast groups in many different areas.

I often find myself capturing bird calls of many different species and one of the main challenge I have is correctly identifying those calls. Birds in Backyards was very useful in identifying over 12 species of birds in our back yard here in Melbourne and so I though the forums might be a good place to seek some help in identifying other species I have recorded.

I have posted a thread on the identify list today to see how I go with a batch of birds I recorded over xmas in Lithgow

I have a considerable number of unidentified call within my main library that I might see if can be corrected. Also the library is open and freely accessible to the public if anyone is interested in having a listen. it includes some unusual species I recorded when I was living in Northern Japan for a few years.

the library can be found here

I am also always on the lookout for new material to record and I have just purchased a new high end digital recorder so I am always interested in tips of good locations to record interesting species.

I hope you find the recordings interesting.


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Hi Stephen
I am really interested in sound recordings and would kill to have some equipment that does justice to the beautiful sounds our birds make. Thanks for posting your recordings and I reckon there will be a few people who will know your birds.

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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As a professional sound designer I have the equipment to capture good quality recordings, that is essentially my work.

It is also one of the reasons I created the library so that people who can't afford high end equipment can still access good quality recordings.

I have just this week upgraded to a new recording device that is pretty much standard for most film and TV production, it is a very high end piece of gear so I will be very interested to see what I can capture with the new device. I am hoping I can really start to collect extremely clean and clear recordings of both birds and other wild life.

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