Missing backyard birds....

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Missing backyard birds....

Hi, my name’s Ross and I live at Penrith (near the base of the Blue Mountains, on the western outskirts of Sydney). I’ve developed a keen interest in birds over the last decade or so, particularly due to the diversity of species either attracted to my predominantly native shrub garden or periodically sighted in the neighbourhood.

To date I’ve identified 40 odd bird species but am currently somewhat disheartened with the noticeable ‘permanent’ absence of a dozen different birds – hence my interest to possibly find some answers via this forum and to hopefully become more informed about these wonderful creatures.

Regards to all.

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Hi Chimbu
Welcome to the forum. Maybe your experience will be like mine. I live on the Sunshine Coast and when I first started joining here I had a relatively small number of birds. Over the last year or so I have noticed ( with the help of others on the forum) that there are a lot more species and especially smaller ones that I had not noticed before.
I think once I became aware of different calls etc that I found more than I had realised were there.



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