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More about me

I've been on BIBY since Sunday last week. I case you're all wondering who this Ninox person is who suddenly appeared I'll introduce myself to you.
I live in Melbourne. I've loved birds since I was seven (I used to hate birds. An eight month caravan trip around Australian changed that) I have a dog who is a Jack Russell x ???. My favourite hobbies are horse riding (I don't have my own horse...yet), bird watching, bush walking and taking photograph of nature. I am particulary interested in parrots, raptors, nocturnal birds and finches put love birds of any sort. I did an exchange in Germany for six weeks (that's where my love for owls sprung from) and discovered even more birds there (too bad it was winter there). When I get to uni I want to study some sort of environmental science and I want to become an ornithologist/ NP ranger/ involved in captive breeding programs (I haven't decided)

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Welcome Ninox, hope you enjoy this site. Wow very impressive with what you want to do with your life, good luck with that. Hope to see more of your photos.

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Thanks Wanda


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Welcome Ninox, that's a great name you picked. I have a huge affinity for all nocturnal animals, including (top of my list) owls and nightjars.

Try Bunyip State Park for Sooty Owls, Powerful Owls, Southern Boobook and Australian Owlet-nightjars. A mate of mine lives in Seaford and goes there from time to time.


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Welcome Ninox. I recently joined the forums as well and there is a great bunch of people here who will inspire you even more and help you along the way.

I was born to live and I live to die.

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