New in Canterbury, Sydney

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New in Canterbury, Sydney

Hiya everyone,
I love birds. I grew up in NZ so Australian birds still fascinate me after 14 years of living here. We live opposite the racecourse and near the river, so have a wonderful opportunity to watch the local birdlife and share it with my seven month old daughter, who already recognises the call of a Common Koel!

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Hi Rosa

Like you , I grew up in NZ and have always found the Oz birds to be fascinating. When I went back to live there a few years ago, I found it was like a dead zone in my garden, except for imported songbirds like thrush, blackbird and sparrows and minors. Seeing a Tui was a major thrill!!

Welcome to the forum and happy birding. Where is Canterbury in Sydney? Never heard of it.



Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Welcome! Lots of beautiful birds in Sydney. :)

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Heya Birdie, Canterbury is in what is considered south-west Sydney. We're a couple of suburbs away from Ashfield on one side and Marrickville in the other direction. Far enough from the city to have a wide variety of birds visiting and yet still close enough that seeing some birds comes as a surprise.
At the moment, we have the annual flock of Kookaburras around. I'm pretty sure they roost in the racecourse, closer to the river, but they wander over our way and hang out on the lamppost over our backyard, which is where my photo comes from.
My mum has a Tui in her backyard in's the loveliest thing to see when we visit. And I have to admit, I have a soft spot for sparrows ;-)

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Welcome to the forum. I have only been to Sydney once and only for 2 days but loved it. I drove north from there on the Putty Road. When you get the chance gice yourself plenty of time to drive it. Took me 5 hrs to drive 120km.

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