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New member from Mt Evelyn

Hello from Mt Evelyn Victoria. We are situated on the eastern bush fringe of Melbourne and as such have many resident native birds and one or two introduced. Most are pretty regular suburban/bush birds but we have some not so common visitors such as thornbill/wagtail/pardilotte flocks, grey currawongs, pied butcher birds, powerful owls, tawny frog mouths and had a Rose Robin caught out of season in the south. Love to venture into the bush to amoung other thigs, satlk and I.D. birds. Looking forward to the forum. Not sure how to post photo's but will attempt to do so. Scott and Gabriele.

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Hi ScottP,

I'm new, too, but I have REALLY enjoyed the forum and the Birds in Backyards website. There's a good discussion thread about how to post pictures. If you search for it you should find it easily. It took me a couple of tries to get it right.

Looking forward to seeing your backyard birds!

Carla Maxwell

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Hi Scott and welcome to you both

Photos are not difficult once you understand the requirements. But we all had trouble at first believe me!
Remember to upload to a host site first such as Flickr and then follow the forum rules for bracketing etc so that they display correctly. Also resize to about 500 pixels so you dont crop anything .

good luck



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Gidday Scott and Gabrielle and welcome to the forum, trust me we all had trouble posting but once you get going you will be ok.

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