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Noobie Alert!!

Hi all, after the great assistance from your fourm, ive decided to join the club and introduce myself. It actually ironic about my encounter with birds, anyhow i now have a pink and grey and a singing honeyeater (who just lost his leg thanks to the pink and grey) anyhow im 26yo, from Mandurah which is about an hour south of Perth, Western Australia, and have just found a new love for birdies, however still very naive about the whole bird world. I look forward to seeing your posts around and interacting with you all.

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Welcome Trish, nice to meet you. I was over your way last September; lots of beautiful birds for you to look out for there.

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welcome Trish. Hope you get a lot of useful info from here. :)


Hi Trish we are fairly new to this as well hope you enjoy the site.

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