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Raptor Rehab

Hello everyone. My name is Caleb & I have been a Bird of Prey (raptor) Rehabilitator since 1992. I am very interested in Ospreys of Western Australia & Rottnest island where I have been doing a field study since 1989.

I have different kinds of birds (mainly raptors) handed in due to injury, illness & at times orphaned cases. I rescue and rehabilitate if I can with help of my kind Veterinarian and get them back into the wild.
Some of the birds can not be released because their injury is not repairable and a Vet will euthanse them or if the injury is minor but hindering the bird from a sucessful release, it is at times suitable for education.

At the time of this post I have typed, I have five birds. One of them is a female juvenile Osprey from the Garret Road Bridge area. She was found soaking wet standing on the bank of the river and children were throwing rocks at her. She has now been sucessfully rehabilitated and the Amemia she had has now been reduced. She will be flown to Carnarvon to a premises where she can have some hunting & flying experience prior to her release.

If you are interested in helping West Australian Birds of Prey & you think that you are able to help, please drop me an email:

I am a active member of a Raptor Society to help wildlife and I am in no way affiliated with Raptor Retreat.


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