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Hi there.. I'm a thirtysomething female and I really enjoy birds.. well most of them.. LOL

I live in southwest Sydney and get a whole lot of different birds visiting our area, the big news at the moment is of course the common koel but I like seeing unusual birds come and go.

Looking forward to chatting more about what goes on around everywhere!


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Hi Tania
I am new to this forum as well. I spotted what I thought was a yellow-tufted honeyeater in my backyard but am not quite sure if it is a hybrid of some kind. It has a red top to its head, the picture is on my profile as I still am trying to work out how to attach a photo yet. I live in the New England area of NSW and have lots of wonderful birds that come and visit my garden. I have planted a native garden and am just extending it another 50feet to include more plants for the birds.

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Welcome Tanya,

I look forward to hearing about your garden visitors.


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