Thrilled to find you!

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Thrilled to find you!

Good morning. I live at St Lucia in Brisbane, a suburb close to the city. Loved birds always, but no expert by any means. Thrilled to see a family of Superb Fairy Wrens on the weekend, only minutes walk from the city, beside a busy road!
Looking forward to being educated and enjoying banter with other lovers of these amazing creatures!

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Welcome to the sit the fairy wrens pretty little bird and are every where.


Welcome to the forum MK.

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Hi MK,

Welcome to the forum. I, too, live close to Brisbane city (Paddington / Red Hill). Yes, it's lovely to see the birds so close to the city. Superb Fairy-wrens don't visit my house, but I think there are a few in the Roma St parklands.

Ithaca Creek in Red Hill is also a nice birding spot. I've seen pheasant coucals, common koels, a white-faced heron, a royal spoonbill, one of the pied cormorants (can't remember if it was little or standard), and a great egret. Also, there are always moorhens and pacific black ducks there.

I look forward to hearing more about the birds that you see around Brisbane.


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Welcome MK - You sound as if you are off to a good start with your Bird-Spotting.
I am sure you will enjoy this Forum.

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