White-winged Chough in Naremburn?

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White-winged Chough in Naremburn?

Hello, sorry it all happened so quickly, I did not have time to grab the camera. I think I saw a White-winged Chough
in our outdoor back area (we don't really have yard, just a back terrace)and it landed in the neighbour's tree which overhangs our fence. It had very red eyes and when it took off there were lighter feathers underneath. I looked at the photos of the White-winged Chough on this site and I think it was one of these, except it appeared to have more red on its beak and its feet/claws looked more like a BOP's. Is it possible that it was a White-winged Chough in this area (Naremburn, North Shore, Sydney, NSW) or could it have been another bird which looks like one?


Welcome to the forum, and the description of your mystery bird certainly is a white winged chough, the red eye is a dead giveaway! Look forward to your contributions and questions :)

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