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Just saying hello to all! My husband and I love anything to do with birds and for the past couple of years have had the fortune of some Rainbow Bee Eaters nesting on our council strip, which are absolutely fabulous to watch. We are also on the Sunshine Coast and bit by bit are changing our garden to encourage our abundant beautiful birds. We really love this site!

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Welcome Jackie. Glad you and hubby love nature and are doing a great job at planting local natives to get the birds in! Well done. :) I hope you enjoy this site.

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Hi Jackie - welcome to BIBY :)
I am insanely jealous of your nesting Bee-Eater! Glad you are finding useful information on birds and gardening for birds - that is exactly what we want the website to do.

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HI Jackie and I am jealous too! I have many beautiful birds near my home but unfortunately bee eaters aren't one of them.Whereabouts are you? It would be lovely to get to know some bird lovers up here. I am on my own for that LOL

Sunshine Coast Queensland


Hi Jackie welcome to the site. Would love to see some photos of them bee eaters.

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G'day, I'm new too! Lucky you seeing Rainbow bee eaters, they are truly magnificent. I was fortunate enough to see them when I lived in Brissy, I was 'among' them as they flitted about catching insects and I sat very still and enjoyed the moment. It's one of my best birdy memories! Seeya!

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Thanks for all the welcomes, great to see a whole lot of bird lovers!

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Welcome Jackie! Hope you enjoy your time at the forum and join our circle of birdlovers :). Rainbow Bee-eaters are brilliant birds, I was mesmerised when I saw my first at Lane Cove River in Ryde, NSW. The Sunshine Coast appears to be a very promising place for various exotic birds.


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