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hello from Cundletown

Hello all. I have just joined and I am looking forward to learning more about the birds in my backyard. I have two birds at the moment. A rainbow lorikeet named Ramsay and a new bird, Tiny, who is an adopted rosella baby who has fallen from his nest near my son's home in the bush. I am feeding every four hours and using Vetafarm mix. Glad to be on-board.

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Welcome ceekay. good to see you helping out our feathered friends. Hope you enjoy the forum. Looking forward to hearing about all the birds you see.

See Yez

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Hi Ceekay, I am only a bit south of you and I think lucky to live in this beautiful valley of ours.

Isn't rearing a baby bird special, being the one responsible for it still being alive and the way it responds to you each time you walk in the room..MOMMA. I have reared many birds now even to the point of every 2 hrs. I never tire of it.

Seeing that I am new here too I guess it will be a matter of looking around then chatting. But it is so nice to have someone else from the neighbourhood on here.

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