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hello from peeramon

just joined up. only found out about you people through my BYP (backyardpoultry) friends. seeing i have an obssesion with photographing birds i thought this might be a good place to hangout.

i would like to show more of my photos and share and find out more of the local birds. if anyone can show me how to do this i would be greatful.


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Welcome onlyruff, I think you have worked out how to post so it is just the resizing you need to do. I see you use photobucket and I can't help you with that as I only know Flickr. 500 on the longest edge is what you need to do to show the full image here. Holly is in the process of changing the Forum over to some new software and things should hopefully get a bit easier then but we are not sure how long that will take.


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thanks for that birdie, i have a flickr account but i cannot use it at the moment as i somehow lost my password and they are taking forever to fix it for me.

they look to need to be half size again. i have been spoilt with allowing this size on other sites. i will have to work out a system that allows for this site and specially resize them.

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Welcome Onlyruff, I use photobucket and if you go to Annoucement/help on the forum home page there is a link Having trouble posting photos click on it and it helps you to use photobucket, I followed it and had no trouble it is by Gelmir.
Good luck!

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