hi from bungadoo QLD

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hi from bungadoo QLD

hi all
i just joined this forum...my name is pam and we live at bungadoo between gingin and bundaberg and have a grevillea nursery
therefore we have loads of honeyeaters and all sorts here.
unfortunately i have only a little digital camera , so you have to excuse my not so good pics !!!
looking at some of your pictures i definately have to save up to buy myself a much better one !!!

as you can imagine all the grevilleas are out in flower ..and we have about 2 acres of them..so we must be the "smorgasboard" for the whole area.....lol..

i love all the birds coming but can't identify all.....even in our shadehouse there are honeyeaters nesting(just hatched out 2 babies)... and i just love watching them....good excuse to have a break.....lol.......
anyway.... hope to talk to you all and share stuff

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Hello again - the section is announcements/help, and the bit I used was by Gelmir. Try it, looking forward to seeing your photos. Since I joined this site, I have been pleasantly surprised at all the helpful people there are, and how happy they are to talk about all the things you ask them.

Good luck!


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Welcome Pam,

I see you got the hang of posting pictures - I look forward to seeing some more too!


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