hi from eastern melbourne

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hi from eastern melbourne

hi all
i am a young birder and i love our native birds
i live in melbourne and i like exploring birds in different areas of bushland and other habitats
i don't get many birds in my backyard but i do feed the crested pigeons and a pair of sulphur crested cockies
i like watching birds and learning new things about their behaviour and their lives and am very keen to learn lots more

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Hi, welcome to the forum, Melbourne is a great place for birding so many parks and reserves to explore i hope you find this sight fun as well as informative


Hi Owen and welcome, we look forward to seeing some of your pictures.

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Hi Owen, I used to live in Tecoma. We had rosellas, rainbow lorikeets, kookaburras,magpies and king parrots visiting every day. If you put food out, they will come!

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