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hi everyone

Hello from Rockhampton Qld. I've been following the forum for a few weeks now so I thought drop in and say hello. I am originally from WA so tropical Qld has broadened by birdwatching horizons, although I am still a bit of a novice. Same goes for the photography but I'll get there one day. I hope to post some photos for you guys to check out and hope I can help out with some of the IDs. I don't get to go out birdwatching a lot but luckily I can at work occasionally. Anyway, it's nice to meet you all.

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Hi Bluebird, and WELCOME! I'm new to this website too.Did you get your picture of the Cassowary in the wild? if so I am very envious.. I spent a week in the Daintree rainforest trying to get a photo (or even a sighting!) and then on the last day my partner was sat outside the hut we stayed in and spotted one while yours truly was brushing her teeth and missed the whole thing... except for a rustle of leaves as it disapeared into the rainforest again.

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G'day Bluebird, it's good to see you pop in and say G'day.


Gidday Bluebird and welcome to the site.
I spent 21 years in Rockhampton now I live just up the road in Mackay.

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hello, evryone, m new to the site so, i just posted to say hello...


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Hi everyone

Thanks for the warm welcome - my computer has been in for repairs so I haven't been online for a while. My cassowary photos is from the Rockhampton zoo unfortunately but I have seen a cassowary on the road out from Mission Beach. There were signs saying "Slow down for cassowaries" but we didn't believe them. No sooner did we say that then there one was - a large adult foraging on the side of the road! Quite a special sighting when you don't expect it. My brother's inlaws spent a week looking for cassowaries with no luck until 3 walked into their campsite. I think it's just the luck of the draw.


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