juvenile Koel

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juvenile Koel

The foster peewee parents stopped feeding the Koel on Friday. I had been supplementing them with mealworms to assist their frantic efforts to feed this enormous cuckold.The Koel is fully feathered and flying, however landings aren't very precise. The mother peewee bought the Koel right up to our back door for feeding before abandoning it. Now it arrives each morning for a handout. We hope the very small amount we feed him will sustain him till he is self feeding 100% and able to fly north end of March.We have in past seasons watched as the abandoned Koels perish. This one might just be luckier.Any input from members would be most welcome.

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Hi! Susan1949. Not sure that many of us would have had an opportunity to supplement feed a Koel.

If it's natural diet is treetop fruit and berries (from the BiBy factsheet) and the previous winged foster parents were feeding it meal worms, I'd suppose you could feed it anything short of red meat or a Nig Mac and it would take it on ;-)

Fabuluous opportunity to get to study it first hand. A couple of photos woulld be great to see. I imaging it will grow heaps in the next few weeks, I for one would love to see it's progress ...

Goodluck and Cheers!


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we have Koels every summer calling from top of our Grevillea Robusta, but have never seen a chick to know which birds got lumbered with it.
Our Koels finally left only a few days ago after the last of the figs were harvested.
would love to see photos too.

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