lapwings attacking

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lapwings attacking

Hi, new to this forum and computers but hoping i may get advice about how long the lapwings will protect their young? the young are about 5 weeks old and the parents dive bomb me everytim i go out the back door. How long will this go on for? LannT

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hi LannT

Welcome to the forum. From my experience this will go on till the youngsters are mobile enough to escape on their own.
From memory that should mean only a few more weeks for you!!
You have our sympathies :) Many of us have experienced the same, see the photog thread!!

good luck


Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Thanks birdie, even though it restricts my movements in the back yard, I love it! It,s said that laughter is good for our health so I should stay healthy as every time I go out there I start to laugh at myself as I check out their position and where I am going to duck and weave to escape. I was told that it,s all threat but my heartbeat doesn,t agree with that!
thanks again
from Ballarat

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