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new in gundary

hello everyone
my name is steve and 12ks north of goulburn is my place .very private 100 acres and large comfortable shed. lots of birds considering we're 60% cleared .soaring wedgetail family of 3 are regualrs and shrike thrush ,fairy wrens and cormorants in the dams ,I've counted about 60 species in the last 2 years but my absolute (latest) favourite is the grey currawong.
WOW , I'd not heard it b4 and i thought it was a wedgetail at first?? ,very shy and elusive , now we seem to be used to each other and i can track them well.The flight is undulating and particular to this bird ,they have inquisitive eyes and expression if if your lucky to spot them. The call has a magical metalic ring , and they seem to be able to throw their voice into the hills so i never really know which way to look.
happy days

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Hi and welcome Steve,

Your place sounds heavenly!! I have a similar experience with the pied currawongs locally. I live in a treed valley and they get up high in the trees and call with a variety of very melodic calls. You never know where they are as it seems to come from all directions.
If you haev a camera it's be great to see some wedgetails, but if not we all enjoying hearing about experiences anyway



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