Juvenile Dusky Moorhen

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Juvenile Dusky Moorhen

...and a Long-necked Turtle. Photos taken at a local lake this afternoon.

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HI there,

I have just taken in one of these guys/or girls, for the evening as it spent the whole day outside my house on the footpath in suburban Melbourne. It does not appear to be able to fly. It spent the day fending off magpies and ravens and made no attempt to fly.

I am wondering what my next step is in helping this bird back to health. I have taken some photos, but not sure how to upload yet.

This is probably not the best place to post for quick help so I'll find the right thread eventually.


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Bird Rescue/Rehabilitation is your best bet for a post of this kind, joelroddy.

I'm wondering if you have a lake, pond or other such natural or artificial resource nearby. If so, you might want to place this critter on its edge (that is, the lake's edge!).

Alternatively, there may be a wildlife rescue organisation to which you could take the bird for assessment of its apparent incapacity to fly. Melbourne Birds in Backyarders might be able to help with specific information.

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