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If your not aware about the senseless waste of time and money Kangaroo cull in Canberra, it is coming to an end tonight.

In the past they blamed the drought saying they are saving the roo from starvation, but now with conditions favorable they say it is to protect other wildlife?

Anyway i am not against the killing of an animal for my own survival but to wastefully kill animals for reasons beyond me is.

The Kangaroo will just multiply at a rapid pace now as conditions are good.

Thought i would share a couple of pics of joeys to celebrate our kangaroos.

joey-6206 by rawshorty, on Flickr">[/url] joey-6206 by rawshorty, on Flickr


joey-6205 by rawshorty, on Flickr">[/url] joey-6205 by rawshorty, on Flickr

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Culling kangaroos seems to be an Australian passion. We used to have a mob of about 18 western grey kangaroos on our property until about six years ago when one night gun shots reverbrated across the landscape. We were then down to zero so it was more a policy of extermination rather than management. The number is up to about 5 but I guess it won't be long before the heavy guns are wheeled out again. Hopefully, they won't shoot the family of rare (for our area) common wallaroos which I see more frequently these days but I doubt the passionate gun merchants will be so discriminating.

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Don’t forget the old tradition of “ duck shooting” a given right of all Australians (they even take children with them, as to hand down the tradition to the next generation, and the other old tradition of getting drunk afterwards)

O, almost forgot one more tradition, “killing snakes with a shovel” , that makes them suffer for a very long time before it is dead.

I used to see many snakes around my propery every year, also big and small Goannas. Last year only one Goanna and one Coperhead. My neighbour was very proud to have killed a Tiger Snake. Well done you "Idiot Hero", his reason was, his grandchildren come and visit. (Yea, once a year for Christmas)

I have two dogs and we had three horses at times, one of the dogs got bitten by a Tiger, we just accepted that. Dogs don't belong, snakes do.

BTW, we have a new resident Wombat now. Hope he doesn't end up with mange , like the others before.

Now in their case we called on a neighbour who is a very responsible and licenced hunter, to come and shoot the blind and deaf animal, to end his suffering quickly. I can hear some of you say: and that is different? Yes it is, this was saving this wombat from a slow death, and prolonged suffering. 



I agree Shorty I don't like it. Culling is Killing for no reason. I love seeing roos and wallabies. 

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