Large-tailed Nightjar & chicks

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Large-tailed Nightjar & chicks

I was lucky enough to see my first Nightjar last year when I was in Queensland. In the open and right in front of me but I actually required step by step instructions to locate them... see the brush, see that clump of grass, look just in front and to the left... I felt foolish but the camouflage was wonderful and they were so small.


adult Large-tailed Nightjar and then the two chicks

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Great find Sue, i think we have all had our moments of not seeing the wood for the trees :)

Shorty......Canon gear



Thats their plan Sue  ... they dont want to be seen!

Another amazing bird (and yet to be seen by me)... i did not realise they nested on the ground. 

Great photos ... thanks for sharing.

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Cuteness overload there Sue. Even the adults are cute as they are so small. I remember seeing my first Owlett Nightjar and being like wow, thats small. I have yet to see these ones up close and personal. Well done and the photos are great!

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Great shots Sue

Yet another one I would love to see myself

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

Annie W
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So beautiful Sue, and how lucky!

West Coast Tasmania

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What an excellent find! I too would love to see one of the true nightjars

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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