Last set from Cairns

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Last set from Cairns

Ok here is the final set from Cairns. I hope you have enjoyed the series.

A really crap photo but the best I could manage in the conditions of a Spotted Catbird

A really bad photo of a Black Butcherbird but again the best I could do under the conditions

A better but still not a great shot of a Yellow Oriole

A Male Shining Flycatcher

Female Shining Flycatcher

While this is just a Figbird it is a different race to the ones we get down in Brissy. It is (race flaviventris) otherwise know as the Yellow Figbird. Much more attractive then our plain ones.

The last photo is of a Nankeen Night Heron. There were 5 of these in a Fig Tree right on the Esplanade in amongst the markets. Other than the whitewash they were well hidden. This was the easiest ond closest one I could get a photo of.


Wow thats a close up photo of the NNH - great work.

Enjoyed seeing  all your shots of these birds from Cairns - many of which i had not even heard of.  Thanks for posting.

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I enjoyed those very much, Devster. It's always great to see new species to remind me of the great bird diversity we have in Australia. Thanks so much. 

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A rich collection!

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Many species I have never seen and good photos under the difficult lighting conditions. 

Seems like a very productive trip. What's your total up to now?

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Thanks Ryu

324 Different Species just QLD so far.

Haven't been able to go interstate yet.

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