Legless Lizard ID needed

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Shirley Hardy
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Legless Lizard ID needed

I have 2 species of legless lizards in my garden. A common brown one and this other species which I need identifying - if anyone can help me.

Basically, it is metallic medium blue in colour with a white stripe down it's sides. It is approximately 14 cm in length.

There were known to be 2 of them, a breeding pair I hope, but now there is only one as I accidently chopped one in half when I was gardening in that particular garden bed. Who knew they go a metre underground? I didn't.

Any ideas what species it could be? I live in Tenterfield, NSW.

Annie W
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Hi Shirley

I found a list of NSW Legless Lizards (http://www.reptilesofaustralia.com/habitnsw/listnsw.htm#legless), and another site with some good pics.  Do any of your little guys look like any of the Legless Lizards in the below links?

Eared Worm-lizard - one site says found in Vic, the other says NSW also, so ....?

Mallee Worm-lizard - aka Pink-nosed Worm-Lizard or Red-tailed Worm-lizard.

Granite Worm-lizard - confusingly, one site says this one is found in NSW, yet another says only in W.A. so perhaps there are different subspecies?

Striated Worm-lizard - aka Lined Worm-Lizard, once again some sites showing these are in NSW, while others say they aren't.

Unbanded Delma

Many-lined Delma - aka Striped Snake-lizard or Striped Legless Lizard.

Patternless Delma

Sharp-snouted Legless Lizard - aka Sharp-snouted Delma and another with conflicting range info depending on which site you visit.

Leaden Delma

Excitable Delma - this doesn't look at all like either you have described, by oh boy it's pretty.

Burton's Legless Lizard

Common scaly-foot

Western hooded scaly-foot - aka Black-headed scaly-foot, Hooded scaly-foot, Western scaly-foot

West Coast Tasmania

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