Leschenault Inlet (Central west area)

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Leschenault Inlet (Central west area)

Went for early morning walks over weekend along the central part of Inlet which is good area for variety of birdlife and lighting once the sun rises over the hill.

The rather shy Osprey who unlike his southern or northern compatriots wont allow perch shots. Still provided  good value on Saturday returning home with breakfast.

As did the awakening Pelicans who gave me a composition photo with one shot :) .

Also basking in morning light a  W/Kite, Splendid Fairy wren, Herons and Pink and Gray Galahs .

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Great shots Laza.....that mullet got an invite he couldn't refuse!


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Thanks Rob

Yes Its takes the flying fish concept onto whole new level 

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Certainly was worth the effort of getting up early & being rewarded with those shots Laza. Can't beat that early morning light.



Fantastic shots all round laza.

The osprey and fish is superb - i wouldnt worry about not getting a shot of him perched when he is showing you tricks like that!

The galahs in the tree is wonderful in that light.

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Lots of great shots there laza. I would be happy with all of them.

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Great set of shots Laza. Well done again!

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As others have said, love the light. It can make you really imagine the sun setting (even though it is rising) over the landscape

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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