Lewins rail

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Lewins rail

We have a bird appeared as if it lives in our garden,  but it only appears late or early in the day and from its appearance I found it is a Lewin's rail bird.   I have only seen it for the past few weeks,  and it appears to be living in the deep ditch along the front of our place.   It never has company,  so I wonder if anyone knows if it is a bird which does not partner up or live in groups.    

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Middy, I checked The Australian Bird Guide to find that Lewin's Rail is mostly seen at dawn & dusk. Also, I seem to recall reading or hearing somewhere that Lewin's Rail is a rather solitary species but I guess it's not completely solitary or it wouldn't exist! 

Anyway, cherish the presence of this bird in your garden. The nearby deep ditch would provide habitat for the bird especially if there's plenty of wetland vegetation present. Your own garden, I imagine, has good vegetation cover & a damp lawn &/or fish pond or similar to entice it to your property.

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