Little Tasmanian Bird

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Little Tasmanian Bird

Taken on the Mt. Mysery walk, Ranelagh Tasmania (@ 40klm South of Hobart) - wet eucalypt forest. All photos are of the same bird showing different angles, looking up on the tree.

My thoughts;

Tasmanian Scrubwren - but I thought a bit high off the ground?

Brown Thornbill - not much striation on the chest?

Tasmanian Thornbill - no fluffy underpants or light belly/bum.

Scrubtit (this is my hope!) - but seems a bit olive/green?

2Q5A5015 by Dale Watson, on Flickr

2Q5A5014 by Dale Watson, on Flickr

2Q5A5009 by Dale Watson, on Flickr

2Q5A5007 by Dale Watson, on Flickr

2Q5A5001 by Dale Watson, on Flickr

2Q5A5005 by Dale Watson, on Flickr

AJ Anderson
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Looks good for a Scrubtit IMO.

Juveniles have more of a Yellow/green wash and smaller white wing markings than adults.

Nice one!

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Thanks AJ. This was also confirmed on Tasmanian Bird Sightings and Photography Facebook page.

Always appreciate another opinion.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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