Lockdown birds

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Alex Rogers
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Lockdown birds

I have taken a few pics I quite like, of various birds around Sydney during the lockdown. All these birds have already featured in our little photo comp, but I like these shots, so posting them here for anyone interested. 

  1. New Holland Honeyeater
  2. Rock Dove (feral pigeon - but got to love his colours - he does :-) 
  3. Black-fronted Dotterel (such cute little plovers)
  4. Intermediate Egret 
  5. Galah
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Especially love that Egret shot.

Alex Rogers
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Thank you Sue :-) I was trying for  low-key shot to get the feather detail, and I was quite pleased wth it. I'm following Shelley Pearson online, and trying to learn a bit from what she does with light - she is amazing, and also happy to share advice. 

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