Magpie Geese?

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Magpie Geese?

Hi all, Is it possible for Magpie Geese to visit Bibra Lake (Southern Perth Suburb)?

Twice in last few days have sighted 4-5 Large Black and White Birds, Smaller and more agile than Black Swans, Larger than the usual Ducks.

Consulting my field guide, seems to be the only option for what I saw. Any other suggestions?

Only photo that was even semi legible (mobile phone camera);

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a Magpie Goose in WA would be well out of range

your bird does not appear to be a MG - no long black neck, black on leading edge of wing whereas MG has black on trailing edge

I am havng difficulty making an alternate suggestion from your pic


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Agreed Peter. Was just looking for possible options.

The picture is poor, but my eyesight is not. It wasn't a Black Swan, the white wing tips make them easy to identify in flight.

Shelduck is most likely, though I am familiar with them, and these seemed larger.

A mystery until I am able to get the Binoculars on them (if they show up again).


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Not a Cape Barren goose?

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