Magpie owning the situation

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Magpie owning the situation

This magpie did not tolerate the cockatoo being in "its" tree!! :) The fear in the cockatoo's eyes was real. How it feels to be owned by someone half your size!!

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Wow great pics irwinm16. I especially like that last one.

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Great shots mate,

Funny enough on weekend  I saw   Magpies chasing away Nankeen Night Heron

I thought to myself I never seen that before as Ive only ever seen Magpies going after Birds of Prey, Ravens and Magpie Larks.

Definately never seen one going after a Black Cockatoo either until now, thanks for sharing 

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well


Tremendous shots - love the drama in those photos.

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Great shots! Love the war games birds play in the sky. You have captured something special with the cockatoo and maggie!


Thanks everyone :) yes it was like watching a WW2 dog fight sequence...lots of drama but at least they both got out alive!

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Brilliant! I have a few fuzzy shots of a magpie chasing off a corella - that Magpie will be kept busy, as there are at least 100 corellas in the park.

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