Major Mitchell's Cockatoo

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Major Mitchell's Cockatoo

Thought these pictures might cheer us up as lockdown continues in various places today.

The female Major Mitchell's Cockatoo has the reddish eye and she was putting on quite a show. It seems she objected to sharing her tree with any other bird except the male (black eye) of her species who just got on with drinking. Such a striking bird with that subtle pink contrasting with the bright crest and I apologise for too many pictures but they tell the story.

We actually had a flock of about a dozen fly overhead as we travelled from Cobar to Lake Cargelligo but at Bowra they were very close and just ignored my presence. Stay safe everyone.

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Simply beautiful Sue. I have only ever seen captive Major Mitchell's.

That lovely crest and underwing colour

Thanks for making my day that bit better.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Wow! Pose/pic number 3 has it for me. Super stuff.

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Thanks guys. Pose 3 does show the lady quite well but her display was wonderful to watch. It was as I stood at the Homestead Dam at Bowra Wildlife Conservancy near Cunnamulla in Qld.

Alex Rogers
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wow, some lovely shots Sue, and what a spectacular bird. I've never seen them, one day. Bowra sounds amazing. I'm prepping my 4x4 in lockdown for some long range solo camping, so Bowra is on the menu :-) 

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